PennFirst Marketing Toolkit for Realtors ·

PennFirst Marketing Toolkit for Realtors

We want our Realtor partners to have full affect in their marketplace. This toolkit supports you as a Realtor in streamlining your marketing abilities. This page covers the 2 separate tools, Preapproval via Smartphone and Marketing Toolkit.

  • Prepproval via Smartphone: This gets your client a preapproval from their own smartphone.
  • Marketing Toolkit: Provides a host of marketing tools.

Preapproval via Smartphone:

Have any buyer preapproved on their own smartphone. Great to do while prepping initial documents!
Realtors: Get the icon link just email us or text 828.484.2160 with “App” in the subject line & your cell number. (Just once for setup.)

Then to have your buyer get a preapproval either:

  1. Use the icon on your phone to send the Preapp to your client
  2. Text for Loan Application” IE or Text AVL to 33655 – instantly Preapprove Buyers from their own smartphone, then they can also upload required documents.

See the Preapproval in Action in this video:


Marketing Toolkit:

Listing management links will be emailed to you w/in 24 hours after a new MLS listing.

  • Flyers Easily Printable for Listings
  • Textable Code for House Info (leads come exclusively to you) ie Text MOVE123 to 878787
  • Branded Website for each Listing – For smartphones and computers
  • Share easily to your social media platforms
  • Virtual Tour Video created from your MLS photos (2 versions, 1 MLS compliant and 1 Branded)
  • TV App – Smart TV users can use the Keyboom app to browse MLS listings from comfort of home!

How to setup your Marketing Toolkit:

Contact us about setup for the Marketing Toolkit. See the setup instructions in this video.

Example New Listing Email:

Below is the email you’ll receive automatically after putting a new listing in the MLS w/in 24 hours. Using this, you’ll have access to all the virtual marketing tools: Flyer, Website, Social Sharing, Smart TV’s KEYBOOM browse Real Estate, etc, IE all the Below:

Subject: Your listing at 40 Tallwood Road 6 Leicester, NC 28748 has been boosted!


Congratulations on your new listing!
Here are your Digital Marketing Tools:
Property Website:
URL: (Exclusive property website branded to you)
You can edit the look of the website or change the dedicated URL.
Virtual Tours:
*Use this one within your MLS and allow it to be syndicated. To help you take your leads back from sites like Trulia and Zillow it will auto-redirect to the Property Website or Branded Version (depending on your settings) off of many non-Realtor© sites.
Fully Branded/Lead Capture Version:
Craigslist Poster:
This flier is designed to drive traffic to the property website and capture more buyer leads.
Printable Flier:
Mobile Device Property Tour:
This page is designed to be viewed on mobile devices.
Textable # for Property Info/Mobile Tour:
Buyers will text LBR95331 to 878787 and instantly receive property info & Mobile Tour. You instantly receive the information of interested party! Sellers will also love this.
Please contact me if you need assistance with the sign rider for this.
Your keyword is: LBR95331 (Text this to 878787 – implement on any flyers, marketing, etc!)

Let me know if you have any questions or need any further assistance with this listing. I really value our partnership and am here to assist you!


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