Earning Trust ·

Earning Trust

PennFirst Mortgages has a long history of trust with borrowers and lenders. Built from Matthew Oswald’s years of experience in multiple positions over the years in the lending process, he expands those abilities throughout PennFirst Mortgages.

First, let’s talk about Lenders: those with the money to lend. Trust is key with lenders, and Oswald has been in prime positions to build these relationships. When it comes time for lenders to choose whom their money goes to, trusted mortgage brokers like Matthew Oswald are who they listen to.

Borrowers, perhaps like yourself, find a need to be sure of their broker’s position in getting the best rates for their loan. As Oswald and his people work through the borrowing process for a borrower, skills and trust are what find the best rates.

Keeping this as a well-oiled machine, borrowers find lenders who match, and can trust the decisions to be made by one of the top brokers in the mortgage lending arena.

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