Borrower Tips for the Best Experience ·

Borrower Tips for the Best Experience

Pennfirst Mortgages takes pride in excellent customer service, lender relationships and loan products to offer you the best possible experience as you purchase your home. There are a number of ways your cooperation will support this process, and we ask for your attention to these points as we lock your rate and see that your loan is fully funded:

During the loan application and underwriting process, please refrain from the following:

  • Omitting debts or liabilities on your loan application
  • Giving any false information on your loan application
  • Originating any outside inquiries into your credit score
  • Making any large deposits to your bank account(s) without first seeking council from your loan originator
  • Changing bank accounts
  • Scheduling your move or purchasing furniture (prior to closing)
  • Purchasing a car, truck or van
  • Changing jobs, becoming self-employed, quitting the job you have currently
  • Allowing accounts to become past due
  • Using credit cards excessively
  • Spending money you have set aside to fund your closing costs

Any of these actions can lead to a less than optimal experience, and we highly encourage you to agree to refrain from all of the aforementioned. We do our best by working with the true and correct information you provide to us upon your loan pre-approval and in the first week of your loan processing. Although you may be planning for your new home, wait to celebrate until you have signed your last document at the closing table. Then, start the celebration by shaking our hands!

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